Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Optimizing A Mobile Website

Mon May 25, 2020
Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Optimizing A Mobile Website

In today's world of technology, smartphones have become an important part of our life. It is true that advancements in technology have made our lives more comfortable than before. But we cannot ignore that there are some disadvantages of technology. We are becoming impatient. The researches have shown that more than 50% of users skip a website if it takes more time to load. Therefore, you should optimize a mobile website intelligently. For optimizing a mobile website, only the knowledge of IT and software is not enough, you should also have a good knowledge of SEO.

In this article, we will tell you some common mistakes that you should take care of while optimizing a mobile website. This article will help you make a mobile-friendly website.

Website Loading Time

Website loading time is one of the crucial factors on which an SEO rating depends. A website with fast loading time has good SEO score, while a website with slow loading speed has a bad SEO score. This is because of the fact that SEO score is directly proportional to the website loading time. Therefore, you should not ignore this factor.

Let’s see the factors on which the loading speed of a website depends:

  • Hosting: You should take hosting for your website from a reputed company. It is better to read the company's reviews before taking any plan
  • Images: This is another important factor on which loading time depends. Heavy images slow down the loading speed of a website. Avoid embedding heavy images.
  • Ads: The more the ads on your website are, the greater is the loading time.
  • Themes: For fast loading, always install light themes.

Now, I think that you understood why is mobile SEO important?

Mobile Website Should be Scalable

Scalability is one of the crucial factors for a responsive website. The screen of the smartphone is smaller than the desktop. You should keep this point in mind while designing a mobile-friendly website. Hence, you should arrange the elements in such a way that a user will not face any difficulty.

Font Size

Put yourself in the place of a user. You are searching for some information on the internet and finally, you land on a website. But the website has tiny fonts. Due to this, you have to zoom in and out again and again on the website. Will this irritate you or not? Would you like to stay on that website anymore? Of Course not. Hence, you should keep the font size easy to read for all users. In SEO perspective. Small font size decreases the SEO score of a website.

Ads Cover the Content

We know that ads are the source of your passive income. Therefore, you should place these ads on your website wisely. It has been seen that at some websites, ads cover the content due to which users could not read the complete content. In some cases, ads cover useful links on a website. This affects the SEO score of your website badly due to which you face difficulty in ranking your website.

404 Errors

If you make any mistake in typing the address of a website, 404 errors will occur. The 404 errors also occur due to the broken links. Moreover, broken links also impact your site ranking.

Multiple Browser Compatibility

Different users use different browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge are some of the popular web browsers. Hence, you should test the functionality of your mobile websites on these popular web browsers. Make sure that all the features of your mobile website work properly on all of these browsers. Test your website multiple number times before making it live. You can also see some popular mobile-optimized website examples. This will give you an idea to design your mobile-friendly website.


After reading this article, we came to know why mobile optimization is important. We also came to know that only the programming skills are not enough for optimizing a mobile-friendly website. You should need good SEO skills. If you do not have the knowledge of SEO, your chances of making mistakes are high.

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