Page Speed What is it How Does It Impact SEO and How Can We Improve It

Thu Dec 08, 2022
Page Speed What is it How Does It Impact SEO and How Can We Improve It

The internet has made it possible to connect humans. It has also made it possible to take our real world to a place called the digital world. Marketing has also taken the form of digital. SEO has now become an integral part of improving a business's profit. Furthermore, a website has to be designed to take your business online. We all know that a website must offer supersonic speed. And it is possible only if the website is designed and optimized well. Today, in this blog, we will learn about why is the speed of a website so significant and also the factors that are required to optimize a website. Did you know that every Best SEO Company in Delhi owns a team of professional who ensures to keep the site optimized so that your business keeps on improving?

There is a correlation between the speed of the website and the likelihood that a user will perform the intended action (buying products or services) on the website. Therefore, learning how to improve the performance of your website is crucial since it may result in a dissatisfying user experience when it comes to performance and speed of your website. In Google's newly updated ranking algorithms, website speed is taken into account as a ranking factor as part of the Page Performance update.

How do you define site speed?

It is extremely significant to define page speed in the first place. It can be referred to as the time taken to load the content on your website when a searcher enters a 'search keyword' into a search engine like google. In other words, we can refer to the amount of time it takes for your site to respond. This happens when a person clicks on the URL that sends them to your site. As per the guidelines of Google Page Speed, site speed is one of the biggest influencers on a consumer's ability to access goods, information, and services quickly. A page's 'load speed' can also be calculated based on the duration of time it takes for the entire page to be loaded. There is no doubt that a company that has been providing SEO Services in Delhi for many years will take the speed of the website into consideration.

There are many factors that have an impact on the loading speed of a website such as the speed of your server, the speed of your internet connection, file size, and picture compression, to mention a few. It is pertinent to understand that the faster your website loads, the more visitors you will receive. The result of all of this will eventually be a higher conversion rate and a higher sale rate. A Top 10 SEO Company in Delhi will do everything to keep your business website working the soundest.

As one of more than 200 variables and recommendations that Google offers in its search engine results pages, page speed is one of the most fundamental and influential ranking factors.

What is the significance of page speed, and how does it play a role in search engine optimization?

  • A web page's speed refers to the speed at which a reader can get a fully functional Web Page loaded from a particular website, and it is important that you are able to offer your audience this service.
  • For instance, if a website takes a long time to load on a website, then the content of the searcher's query on a website may trigger a visitor's refusal to visit the site.
  • Likewise, if your website loads fast, you will be able to gain more visitors to it as well as increase the conversion rate of your visitors.

A link between Page Speed and SEO:

The speed of a page has been a point of concern for SEO since 2010. There was an update released by Google in 2018 with the title SPEED, that introduced mobile factors into search queries.

Having a higher ranking on search engines:

Google ranks sites higher when they have a faster loading time. Therefore, it becomes a very important ranking factor for SERP as well as one of its primary elements. Google measures this by measuring the time it takes for the first byte to appear on the screen.

Frequent Visitors:

Your website will be visited by many people and more and more will return to your online store. There is a possibility that crawlers will be able to crawl more pages on a site if it loads faster. With this ease of crawling and data retrieval, you will be able to climb the rankings of search engines more quickly.

User Interaction:

In order to make the user experience better, page speed is paramount. A person would leave your website if they were irritated by a slow-loading page, and go to your competitor's website instead. There is a negative impact on your Google ranking if you have a high bounce rate.

In many cases, it is the speed of your website and eventually your company that makes or breaks the success of your website. It is for this reason that marketers, business owners, and web developers are always concerned about the performance of a website. In theory, a faster-loading website should perform better, but how does this affect your company, and how fast do you consider is enough to retain visitors?

The importance of SEO and the speed of a website:

Page speed has been added as a ranking factor for desktop searches by Google since 2010. With its Accelerated Mobile Sites Project (AMP), Google began experimenting with mobile page loading speeds in 2017 in order to improve the experience of users on mobile devices. The best SEO company in india follows a "mobile-first" strategy which prioritizes the speed of its pages on mobile sites over the desktop version. However, the desktop site has always been a priority of businesses.

  • Later, there was an update released by Google in 2018 that included speed as a consideration for mobile results in the search engine results. And there was an announcement by Google in 2020 that it would begin implementing "core web vitals" as a ranking factor, where the speed of the website is at the forefront of this updated metric.
  • According to research, when Google examines the performance of a page, it may explicitly measure TTFB (Time to First Byte) as part of the evaluation process. In addition, if a website's page speed is slow, the search engine will not be able to crawl the site and add pages to its index.

What are some of the signs that the website is too slow?

You should be aware that every user has different expectations, but you should use some common rules to assess your site's performance and improve it.

Bounce rate:

While page speed isn't a glamorous topic if you have an e-commerce site or any other website with a low bounce rate. But it should be on your radar if you run a site that has a high bounce rate.

A recent study found that 57% of online buyers who are dissatisfied with the performance of a mobile website will switch to another website. 

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