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Challenges faced by youth in bihar right now

Young men and women in Bihar often find it difficult to work on their careers due to limited infrastructure along with absence of proper formal training and advanced career opportunities. The slower development in Bihar often leads the youth in these areas to move in to bigger cities for better prospects. However, adjusting into a new city can be difficult for them. Leaving parents and family members behind can cause a lot of emotional trauma. The absence of caretakers and loved ones often lead to problems with diet and cause health issues. Moreover, the youth also face other challenges such as compromising with rented rooms and poor living conditions. The young men and women may also find it difficult to have any savings from their earned salaries.

How Webpulse IT Park training program can help

The Webpulse IT Park training program will provide systematized formal education and present the youth in Bihar with developed infrastructure to enhance their skills. Students can work on faster development of their careers and resolve their needs of moving to a bigger city or living without their parents and family members. This can ensure an emotionally secure and safe growth and development for the students. Moreover, the students can also have the best job opportunities and save money for a better future.