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Project Co-ordinator
Project Co-ordinator

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Project Co-ordinator

Project Coordinators are responsible to work closely with clients and get their projects completed ahead of deadline maintaining the high quality and satisfaction. Candidate should have excellent communication skills, time management skills. Project Coordinator performs various coordinating tasks like schedule and risk managemnet, along with administrative duties like maintaining project documentation and handling financial queries. You will have to collaborate with clients and internal teams to deliver results on deadlines.

1 Year Training-cum-Intership with 100% Job Guarantee

Our training program teaches following topics before making you ready to start your career at Webpulse IT Park as a Project Coordinator -

Coordinate project management activities, resources, equipment and information
Break projects into doable actions and set timeframes
Liaise with clients to identify and define requirements, scope and objectives
Assign tasks to internal teams and assist with schedule management
Make sure that clients’ needs are met as projects evolve
Help prepare budgets
Analyze risks and opportunities
Oversee project procurement management
Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise
Act as the point of contact and communicate project status to all participants
Work with the Project Manager to eliminate blockers
Use tools to monitor working hours, plans and expenditures
Issue all appropriate legal paperwork (e.g. contracts and terms of agreement)
Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports
Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests


Undergraduates & graduates with 17 to 20 years of age