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Why there is a need of an organized training program

Freshers need the right kind of guidance and training since they do not know anything about the web design industry. The training modules that will be offered at the Webpulse IT Park is going to groom them for the industry and empower them with skills that would enable them to work on their individual careers as web designers and developers.

The main aim of the Webpulse IT Park is to provide young people with world class training so that they won’t need to migrate to metro or bigger cities to look for education and struggle for job. So far, Bihar does not have an organized platform where they can train young minds for the global requirements of the web design and development industry. However, with the help of Webpulse IT Park, young people in Bihar can chase their dreams of becoming successful web designers by profession. After the completion of the training program offered at Webpulse IT Park, a student can surely find a job placement and start earning from the 13th month.