5 Helpful Google Analytics Tips to Boost Small Businesses

Fri Sep 11, 2020
5 Helpful Google Analytics Tips to Boost Small Businesses

Google Analytics is a tool developed by Google which helps users track traffic on their website and also provides other important data that helps users boost their business. If you know Google Analytics best practices, you can take your business to the next level of success. The Google Analytics tool has both free and paid features. Small businesses can start with the free version of Google Analytics. If you often search for “How can Google Analytics help my business?”, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we will discuss Google Analytics best practices to increase sales on your website.

Google Analytics Helps Understand Content Effectiveness

Ranking of a blog or an article on Google depends on the quality of the content. Therefore, publishing the content on the internet is not enough. You should know about how your content is performing after publishing it on the internet. Google Analytics helps you keep an eye on the performance of your web content.

You can check your content performance by Google Analytics page performance feature. In Google Analytics, there is a section named “Audience”. In this section, you can general or detailed data related to different types of audience. You can use this data to check the usefulness and effectiveness of your blogs and other landing pages. Let’s take an example of data of average session duration. You can use this data to understand whether your content is performing enough to keep visitors around long enough to generate a sale or not. To find this option, simply go to the “Audience” section and then apply a filter for “Average Session Duration”, you will get the desired results.

Google Analytics Helps Understand Geographical Reach

If you want to boost your business, it is very important for you to know from where the visitors come to your website. Once you understand the location of your visitors, you can optimize digital advertising through social media and other channels and platforms. This also helps you draw more traffic from Google. Geographical data is very important because you can use it to determine whether you are targeting the correct location or not.

Google Analytics Helps Make a Website More User Friendly

The users’ experience is one of the reasons for a website not performing well. A feedback of the users’ experience is a great factor which helps you know how users are reacting to the interface of your website. If the user has positive feedback, it is good for the performance for your website. You can use various data available on Google Analytics to know whether a user has a positive or negative experience with your website. By knowing this, you can do the required changes to your website interface or other features which helps you enhance the users’ experience.

Besides this, Google Analytics also helps you find your website whether it is working properly or not on different devices and operating systems. For example, if you are getting a large amount of traffic from a web browser, say Mozilla Firefox, but you have optimized our website only for mobile, then you could be losing a large amount of organic traffic which in turns affect badly on your business.

Let’s take another example. Today, most of the users like surfing on the internet from their mobile phones, hence, they like to use apps more than opening a website on their mobile. Mobile apps play a great role in boosting business and there are two largest platforms for developing mobile apps, Google and Apple. If you have spent your money in developing an app on Apple’s platform but you have more Android users than that of Apple, you will not get enough sales.

Google Analytics Help Analysing Your Marketing Channels

Have you ever analyzed how much of your web traffic is organic and how much traffic is coming from social media and other backlinks? Google Analytics helps you get all the data related to this. By using Google Analytics, you will be able to know the exact data of both organic and inorganic traffic coming to your website. By getting the information, you can take the necessary steps to improve organic traffic.

Google Analytics Help you Understand the Exact Need of your Users

If you post the content on your website which is irrelevant to the users, there is no point of doing hard work in keyword research and all other digital marketing practices. Google Analytics helps you understand the exact needs of your users. By doing the Google Analytics best practices, you will be able to find what content your users are searching for and what content is worthless of posting on your website.

In a Nutshell

In this blog, we have learned how Google Analytics tools can help businesses increase their sales. We hope you enjoyed this blog. You can consider this blog the small business guide to Google Analytics. By applying these strategies, you can take your business to the next level.

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