6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Wed Aug 26, 2020
6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing is the part of digital marketing which deals in the promotion of a business online. Content is the king, therefore, it is the backbone of the entire digital marketing industry. Good content with appropriately placed keywords helps you rank higher on the internet, which in turns, increases the sales of your products and services. If content marketing is done in the right way, it can take your business to the heights of success.

In this blog, we will discuss 6 common content marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Beating Around the Bush

One of the most common content marketing pitfalls is not coming to the point quickly. Some content marketers always start from an introduction while writing a blog on any topic. But the introduction is not required in all the topics. Whether you have to include the introduction in our blog depends on the topic that you have selected. For example, if a user is searching for the best digital marketing practices, then he definitely knows what digital marketing is. Hence, there is no need to include things like what digital marketing is, types of digital marketing practices, etc. Adding such information to your blog will confuse the reader. Also, users do not have enough time to read irrelevant information in a blog. This makes readers lose their interest in your blog.

Tip: Don’t just beat around the bush, write to the point information.

Not Working on Headlines

Headline is the first thing that the users see while searching for the content on the internet. Therefore, you should create compelling headlines. Try to create the headlines that force users to click on the link and land on your website. Creating attractive headlines is one of the best content marketing strategies which help you bring more traffic to your website.

Tip: Try to create attractive headlines which contain the keywords that users search on the internet.

Less Focus on Quality of Content

You are creating content for the users. Therefore, the content should be useful and informative. If you create valuable content, readers will automatically share your content which will increase the website traffic. Besides this, if you have quality content on your website, then users spend their time reading it. The more the users spend their time on your time, the more will be the SEO score.

Tip: Don’t write only to increase the frequency of publishing content, focus on quality.

Mentioning Your Business Too Much

Content marketing is a great tool to promote your business. But you should avoid promoting your business too much in your blog. This is because no one wants to read the content in which you have promoted your products and services only. Users want to read such content which helps them personally.

Tip: Do not focus only on promotion, instead deliver valuable information to the users.

Long Page Loading Time

Page loading time is one of the factors which affect the SEO rating of a website. If your website takes more time to load, no user wants to stay on your website. Users lose their interest on your website and search for another one. This will decrease traffic on your website. The page load time depends on many factors like the size of images, videos, etc. Try to add compressed images. There are various tools available online which compress the images without deteriorating their quality.

Tip: Optimize images before adding them on your website. You can also take help online about how to reduce website loading time.

Not Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives today. Many users like to search on the internet on their smartphones rather than on PC or laptops. Have you ever tried opening a desktop version on your mobile? If yes, then you know better that you have to zoom in or zoom out multiple times. Obviously, it will irritate the users due to which they lose interest in your website. This will decrease the traffic on your website. Not creating a mobile-friendly website is one of the bad content marketing practices.

Tip: Optimize your website so that it will fit completely to any frame like mobiles, tablets, desktop, etc.

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