7 Reasons Why is Your Website not Getting Enough Traffic?

Tue Aug 18, 2020
7 Reasons Why is Your Website not Getting Enough Traffic?

The internet is a huge pool of opportunities. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, you have a lot of benefits to yield from the internet. Although, even after putting significant efforts for the same, it is highly likely that you may not be getting enough traffic on your blog or business website.

If you feel as if you’ve done everything right, but still your website traffic numbers are not as it should be, then clearly you are missing something. As the SEO experts from an eminent Digital Marketing & Website Designing Company in Delhi, let us draw your attention to the probable reasons why your website is not getting expected traffic. 

You Need Effective SEO Strategy: SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps users to find your website organically on search engines. It helps in ranking your website on the queries and keywords related to your niche. Thus, you can not afford to ignore SEO aspects for your website. 

Even if you are already following SEO techniques, you need to regularly check and assess it. Not only should your website content be optimized, but your backend should also be SEO-friendly. If you are a business entity, then must set up your Google My Business account. You need to have a robust SEO strategy to appear in results on search engines.

Compact Yet Informative Content: You might be aware of the phrase ‘content is king’. This is quite popular in the digital world and it is true. Most of the search engines including Google now can determine the quality of content. You can not trick them by posting random or plagiarised content on your website. You need to put fresh, authentic content that satisfies all SEO content based aspects.

You need to write high-quality and informative content that is optimized for the web. If you provide value to your users via the content, they will stay longer, engage and appreciate it. Such content performs well in various social media channels too. All these phenomena will drive more traffic to your website and subsequently, you will achieve higher ranks. 

Smartly Targeted Keywords: For better ranking on the relevant keywords and search queries, you need to smartly put relevant keywords in your content. Meanwhile, you need to keep in mind that the more popular the keyword, more likely there are numerous URLs targeted on it. Thus, first analyse the keywords to identify the relevant, beneficial yet achievable ones, then proceed smartly on them to achieve a better ranking. 

Change in Search Behavior Trends: One more thing to consider in the same regard is the change is search behaviour trends. Search query strings or keywords are not going to be the same, repetitive and static forever. This is the reason why one strategy may work on some websites but not on others. 

Along with users, the search engines too get better and thus the way of searches. As you may not have considered the change in search behaviour trends, your website is not able to draw expected traffic. As the user behaviour changes with time, you need to anticipate and implement what may work here.

Optimal Website’s Speed: Once a user clicks to visit your website, now it’s all about making him/her stay longer and engage them. High bounce rate affects your website ranking in a bad way. Along with content, you need to optimise website speed and also your website should enable smooth user-experience. 

No matter how informative your content and strong SEO aspects are, if your website is taking more than usual, all efforts are in vain. According to a study done by a UK based SEO firm, 47% of visitors expect a web page to load within 2 seconds. 40% of visitors will wait no longer than 3 seconds for leaving the site. 

Smooth User-Experience: Just like website upload time, user-experience is crucial too. Again, no matter how fine your content is, if your site is not user-friendly, no user will want to return to it. Avoid big and intrusive pop-ups, put the desired content in a sorted way, use the CTA buttons in an optimised manner. Avoid doing anything that may annoy website visitors.

Mobile-friendly Website: Another big thing responsible for website traffic performance is mobile responsiveness. Google has already put out an update a couple of years ago, keeping mobile users in focus. Meanwhile, we all can observe a surge in mobile users with each passing day. Therefore, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it is highly likely that it's not going to rank in the mobile SERPs. 

Website Traffic Improvement Needs Extensive Efforts

There are several other factors which affect the quality and quantity of website visitors. As a website owner, you need to put extensive efforts for it. Ensure that your website is not having any technical issues like webpages are crawlable and not have any malicious code and broken images/ links. 

Websites should get enough traffic from search engines as well as social media. You need to make sure that your online presence on social media platforms is consistent with the website. If you can grow a good following on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, you can bring hundreds of website visitors with just a single post.

As website traffic depends on a variety of factors, you need to be very careful and smart while attracting more visitors. You can follow each tip holistically or simply hire SEO experts to accomplish that requirement. Hire professionals from Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd, a prominent Digital Marketing & Website Designing Company in Delhi to ensure getting enough website traffic in the best way.

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