About Solomon Islands Development Trust SIDT

Wed Aug 31, 2022
About Solomon Islands Development Trust SIDT
A brief outline about Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT)
Outlined by Longden Manedika, Executive Director, SIDT; Feb 11th 2015.
Name of Organization: Solomon Islands Development Trust
Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands
Type of Organization: Non Government Organization
Date of inception: 6th May 1982
Year of Registration: 1988 Registration #: 4 of 1988 (Solomon Islands Government, Charitable Trust Act)
Postal Address: P O Box 147, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Street Address: Lombi Crescent, New China Town, Guadalcanal.
Email: admin@sidt.org.sb
Website: www.sidt.org

SIDT’s vision for the future of the Solomon Islands:

Every village has a good standard of living, with sustainable use of resources, good access to services and good leaders who ensure that villagers work together for the good of their community. Our vision is that every Solomon Islanders is healthy, happy and self-reliant.

SIDT’s Mission is to improve the quality of village living in the Solomon Islands by:

Designing and implementing projects that build capacity in existing village governance structures and contribute to improving the quality of village life in all areas affecting the people for the Solomon Islands.
Collecting, creating and sharing multi-media information resources that are useful and appropriate for villages, and contributing to the research and analysis of issues affecting the people of the Solomon Islands.
Networking and advocacy activities that foster mutual understanding and communication between Solomon Island villagers and the institutions, agencies and individuals who can help them make positive changes to the quality of village life.
Core Values:

Participation and community connectivity
SIDT believes that good development and positive change involves the participation of everyone in the community regardless of gender, religion, age, education level, or physical or mental disability.

Empowerment and Self-Reliance
SIDT believes that building on existing strengths in communities encourages ownership of development and ensures future sustainability. “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for life”.

Learning Organisation
SIDT is committed to building on past experience by performing regular debriefs and evaluation of our work, and also learning from the government, Non-government organizations, community Based Organizations(CBO), stakeholders (current and future) to continuously improve the way we work towards achieving our vision.

Teamwork, Trust and Honesty
SIDT believes that the best results are obtained when we work with our donors, partners, stakeholders and villagers honestly and with mutual understanding and respect. We believe that the same principle applies within our organization, and strive to promote a supportive environment for all the staff of SIDT to work together to achieve our mission.

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