Celebrating 10 Years of Webpulse, A Decade of Entrepreneurship

Thu May 06, 2021
Celebrating 10 Years of Webpulse, A Decade of Entrepreneurship

"Write your own book instead of reading someone else's book about success"
- Herb Brooks

Today on 6th May 2021, I successfully completed 10 years of my entrepreneurship, yes, its 10th anniversary of Webpulse. Actually, I had planned a grand party, but unfortunately this pandemic, spoiled the show. But, it's ok, lives are more precious. I am praying for this pandemic to be over soon to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Webpulse with my team, clients, friends & family.

Though, I am never satisfied with my accomplishments so far, but still surviving, growing and thriving in the IT Industry for a decade is of course a significant milestone. I must feel proud of myself after reading the following research:
"A study conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) and Oxford Economics found that 90% of Indian start-ups fail within the first five years due to the lack of innovation and unique business models".

I am glad that we succeeded to complete a decade in industry and today Webpulse ranks among the leading Web Development, Digital Marketing & Branding Companies in India. 

Exactly 10 years ago from today, I stepped into this new very exciting journey of entrepreneurship. Honestly speaking, I never had any doubt about my success. I was confident, determined and ambitious to establish a strong presence of my startup, my venture, my baby - Webpulse. Its true Webpulse has become my life for the last 10 years. There is no day or night, whether I am holidaying, or attending any function or travelling, my laptop is always with me. Whenever, I am free - whether in the morning or afternoon or evening, I enjoy reviewing work, making a list of mistakes, and making plans to improve, learning new things in industry and inspiring myself to do better. 

I would like to give this message to all my friends who are either new entrepreneurs or planning to become an entrepreneur in any industry - if you can live your dream, if you can work without looking at the clock, if you have a zeal to bring innovation in your industry, if you have unique ideas (products/services) to help the target audience/customers, if you can give them value for money & solve their problems, then trust me, there is no chance of failure. You won't feel any competition in your industry. No matter, you are trying to establish yourself in the Blue Ocean or Red Ocean, innovations & best customer service is the key to success. You will have ups and downs, you will make mistakes, but these all will be lessons to improve and lead you towards success.

We entered the Website & SEO industry with a unique & innovative strategy, to help businesses grow faster by promoting them on the internet, and it worked. I won't claim that we have succeeded in giving 100% best customer service, but we want to & striving to ensure the best possible customer service to our clients/ customers. Yes, sometimes, we fail, but the best thing is we observe our mistakes, and discuss within the team to improve ourselves. We keep learning new things everyday, sometimes even from our clients, when they demand something new, which we have never done before, but instead of saying no, we go for it to explore the new concepts. We thank our clients for bringing the best out of us. 

Journey of 10 years of entrepreneurship has been very adventurous so far. There were days of ups and downs, success and failure but I was a guy who always wanted to explore things, take challenges and never get into the comfort zone. This made me learn and explore different technologies, move around different companies, meet different people from different geographies in the world, experience different cultures, traditions, which is inevitable for a true professional. And finally, just because of Webpulse, I have a large extended family of clients and team mates, where most of them are one of the best friends now forever, beyond work & profession.

Webpulse opened the door of opportunity to live a life, I always dreamt of. One decade of Webpulse has become a new foundation for me to start the journey of next decade. I feel more power, more confidence, more dedication, improved & clearer vision than what I had a decade ago. Now, I have bigger goals, larger plans and greater ideas in mind to develop something more surprising technology to help our clients grow faster and we have started working on it. 

I would like to thank Maa, Papa, My Wife, My Son and My Family who are the ultimate motivation and everything for me for whatever I have done, doing and will do. I thank them for their support and sacrifice till date and for the future too as I have still a long way to go and achieve even many things. 

Special thanks to the whole Webpulse Team & All Our Clients without whom, Webpulse could not have been able to reach this height. Thank you for your support.

Last but not the least, I would also like to mention a few names of people who supported me during my job which was the beginning of my career - Mrs. Rekha Garg (Marketing Manager, Weblink at that time, Year 2007) who hired me & had faith in me that I could perform well. Mrs. Tina Singh (Sales & Support Manager, Year 2007-11) my immediate senior, who offered a friendly working environment, so I could work in one company for approx. 4 years and always supported me during my ups & downs. Without their support, I would not have been able to reach a point to think about the startup of Webpulse. 

If someone reads till this far, I am grateful to them for their time and patience, and to bear with me if I bored you somewhere. I would be happy, if I could inspire someone through this post.  I wish your blessings too for great success for all my future endeavours.

Rahul Ranjan Singh
Founder & Managing Director
Webpulse Solution (P) Limited

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