CONTENT MARKETING & SEO: 3 Ways to Improve Your Google Rankings

Fri May 28, 2021
CONTENT MARKETING & SEO: 3 Ways to Improve Your Google Rankings

With almost 67% of the global search engine market share, Google is the world's most popular search engine. As a result, Google is in charge of the digital playground known as search engine result pages (SERPs). This means that, regardless of how severe or demanding Google's guidelines appear to be, we must all follow them in order to rank for specific search words. When Google changes the criteria or adds a new factor to their ranking algorithm, we must all adjust. Consider this one of the search engine optimization (SEO) golden rules: always obey Google.

Rule 1: Quality Content is rewarded by Google: First and foremost, what do we mean when we say "new ranking factors"? What's the link between new factors and content marketing, exactly? 

In January 2016, Google underwent one of its most significant transformations in recent memory. The Google Panda update was absorbed into the core ranking algorithm, which was first launched in 2011 to prevent websites with low-quality content from ranking in SERPs.

With this move, the feared “Panda updates” that had plagued marketers and SEO gurus for nearly 5 years came to an end. This means that Google will no longer make changes to the filter on a regular basis. Panda is currently a continuing and significant component that affects how all websites rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). To obtain the strongest ranking signals, we must always develop the greatest possible content and optimise the quality of older content to satisfy Panda.

Rule 2: Google Applauds Websites That Have Been Optimized: The next stage is to ensure that all of our sites' content is arranged in an SEO-friendly manner. Every page on a website is optimised to rank for a certain set of keywords or phrases. One of the ways Google matches the material on our sites with searcher intent is through this method. We expect Google to sift through the webpages and present us with the most pertinent information.

Rule 3: Google Gives Back Titles and descriptions that are accurate: Titles and meta descriptions for SERPs. Google provides a checklist that describes the steps to creating a Google-friendly website. Quality and informative content on all web pages, “especially the homepage,” is one of the top items on that list. Most searchers and search engine bots first connect with your website on the homepage. It will not rank for numerous keywords if there is no obvious value.

What effect does this have on content creation and web optimization?

Because of the real-time algorithm, Google is always improving how web pages are indexed and ranked to better match the intent of searchers. Google is known for updating ranking variables multiple times a year, which means we must continually ensure that our sites are up to date and comply with the most recent iteration.

What is the best way for us to create the most useful material for our audience?

A title with an embedded link and a short meta description summarising the site's contents displayed first in SERPs. SEO experts manipulate the language in both the title and description to encourage the searcher to click and explore additional material. To attract searchers to your website, your meta description and title must be entertaining and concise.

Always keep these three key components in mind while optimizing titles and descriptions:

  • What are the most commonly used search phrases in your field?
  • Which terms are currently driving the most traffic to your website?
  • What terms do you want to be ranked for?

This is why keyword research is crucial for content marketing and SEO. You should create a keyword map that groups selected keywords into a framework that mirrors the structure of your website. To improve your ranking potential, use the map to brainstorm content ideas and insert important keywords into the body content, titles, and meta descriptions.

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