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What is Digital Marketing: The use of online channels to advertise goods and services is known as digital marketing. Social networking, paid ads, blogging, and other online outlets are examples of these.

What is Traditional Marketing: Traditional marketing refers to the networks that existed prior to the advent of all of the latest digital channels that are now available to us. Theoretically, traditional marketing can be divided into two camps:

1- ATL stands for Above the Line. High-reach networks such as banners, TV advertisements, and radio ads reach a larger audience than the target audience.

2- BTL stands for "behind the line." Direct mail, sponsorships, and guerilla campaigns are used to attract only people in the target audience.

Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing (Top Differences) : Now that we know what these two types of marketing are, let's look at what differentiates them, apart from the fact that one is digital and the other isn't. The digital nature has an effect on a lot more than just where the brand message appears.

1- Target audience: Conventional marketing makes it relatively simple to reach people in specific places and demographics. On the other hand, Digital marketing allows for a wider scope while still allowing for more precise targeting based on preferences and other characteristics.

2- Audience engagement: People may respond to and comment on several different forms of digital media and promotions through digital marketing. It's a one-sided conversation with conventional marketing.

3- Cost efficiency: Traditional advertising appears to be more expensive and difficult to scale. The physical design of the campaigns merely adds to the advertising costs. Digital marketing offers a wider variety of cost-effective and resource-intensive solutions. (For example, Organic content marketing has labor costs but no placement costs).

4- Speed of results: With conventional marketing, determining the effectiveness of a campaign can take a long time. Traditional marketing requires waiting for the phone to ring or for someone to walk into the store, while a digital ad provides an instant click-through rate.

5- Attribution and decision-making: Attributing the success of new sales to a conventional advertisement is far more difficult than attribution to digital media. This is why, rather than direct sales, conventional marketing is often used for brand building.

6- Audience feedback loop: With digital marketing, it's easier to see how consumers are reacting to a campaign because there's a more transparent line of communication. When it comes to conventional marketing, brand managers are often left waiting and hoping for negative feedback in the form of a viral tweet. This is why, prior to launching a large conventional initiative, more money and effort is put into focus groups and market analysis. It's usually too late to correct flaws in a conventional advertisement by the time it hits its target audience.

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