How to Boost Engagement for Instagram

Wed May 05, 2021
How to Boost Engagement for Instagram

Today, Instagram has become the favorite social media platform for advertisers. And it’s not so hard to understand the reason why, because almost 13%percent of people on Earth is on it, and about 80% of the audience of Instagram, follows the brands.

Based on Forrester's analysis – estimated likes, comments, shares, are way higher than Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Instagram is a great platform for increasing business sales. We have come with 7 tips to guarantee that your paid and organic advertising efforts will not go in vain.

Let’s take a dive into some powerful tips to boost your Instagram Engagement

  1. Discover the best time

You might limit your Instagram engagement simply because you end up posting in the wrong slot, or you might not be posting regularly.

You can easily boost your engagement by posting the time when your audience is most active. To get better insights of timing, monitor your IG analytics & judge at which time your audience is active.

  1. Tell stories Instead of giving a lecture

You’re supposed to entertain your crowds through pictures, video, and text, not just lecture promoting messages at them. 

To build engagement rates, become a narrator instead, offering 'miniature stories' using your subtitles, recordings, Instagram stories, and profile.

  1. Create a Powerful Brand

Simplicity, imagination, and consistency are pillars for companies intending to grow brand awareness on Instagram. An inconsistent & indiscriminate methodology simply doesn't work. 

Focus on introducing your profile, making style designs that keep your pictures looking new and popular Hashtags use. 

  1. Right Hashtags 

Your post may reach to the bottom part of the feed completely, but choosing the best Hashtags can help your post on the top.

Using a blend of trending & industry-related Hashtags can help a lot in boosting engagement & attracting potential audiences onwards your brand.

  1. Post with Longer Captions

You know Instagram caption can go up to 2,200 characters, Isn’t it amazing? And this simply relates to the Instagram algorithm that the longer the time being spent on your post, the greater will be the engagement.

An average Instagram post of popular brands has around 500 characters. We’re not saying use thousands of characters, just make sure you’re wiring some lines instead of using some emojis.

  1. Create Shareable Content

When users share your post on their IF stories or DMs, your IG engagement gets boosted enormously. The idea behind creating shareable content so that your audience can repost. Shareable content is simply what your audience would like.

  1. Focus on Video Content

With the introduction of IG reels, it’s time to rethink your Instagram strategy. By adding more & more video to your IG feeds, you’ll notice significant engagement on your profile. It doesn't need to be shot with a DSLR or high-end camera, you can simply incorporate some images & effects to create a beautiful video.

Reels offer you a great way to do some fun & experiment with small duration or bite-sized videos.

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