How to deal with Content Bottlenecks?

Fri Apr 30, 2021
How to deal with Content Bottlenecks?

As we all know that the demand for high-quality content is sky-high. In Fact, every website won’t run their business without having any content on their website. With 40% of customers saying, they won't do business with a company if the company isn't on their favorite social channels. The problem isn't how many platforms you have for answering your audience’s question, but are you delivering the content required to fuel a reliable & personalized experience?

It's imperative for every company to avoid content bottlenecks that bog down your content production and delivery. However, bottlenecks continue to be a popular stumbling block for marketing & advertising companies, with just 8% of B2B marketers reporting that the vast majority of their ventures are moving along smoothly. Today, we’re gonna discuss what are content bottlenecks and how we can resolve these bottlenecks?

Content Bottlenecks: The content bottleneck is described as the difference between the demand for content within your marketing organisations and your ability to meet that demand with the people, tools, and resources available to you. This bottleneck is commonly represented in one of three ways:

1- We need more content: Quantity
2- We need better content: Quality
3- We need to make more use of the material we already have: Coordination

Whichever of these you have (and we've heard from a lot of people who have all three), the result is a disconnect between what the marketing team is supposed to achieve and what actually gets out the door.

How to solve the content bottlenecks?

Although recognizing bottlenecks can necessitate a more thorough examination of the entire process, the best way to focus your efforts is to consider the three most common causes: channel chaos, lack of team coordination, and personalization requirements. Let's look at how to fix each of these problems.

1- Solving Channel Chaos: We've all heard that effective marketing campaigns necessitate a village. The typical company uses 900 different applications in today's digitally powered environment. Many brands have chosen custom solutions for each channel or touchpoint, further complicating the development, storage, publication, and distribution of their content. In addition, there are more content sources than ever before, ranging from agencies to product information management (PIM) systems – not to mention legacy networks.

2- Align team with Content Lifecycle: Your content's lifecycle can appear simple from a technological perspective. When large or multiple teams are involved one piece of content can pass through several hands before being published. And we're never in possession of a single piece of material. You may not be able to escape the requirement that a piece of content be approved by several stakeholders before it can be released, but promoting and improving the collaboration or approval process is critical to eliminating this bottleneck.

There are three ways to remedy team misalignment:

a) Content Strategy: Enables your team to identify their content strategy so they can quickly develop, curate, maintain, distribute, post, and reuse engaging content in one place.

b) Digitize Your Process: Improve team coordination through a single interface that gives all stakeholders insight into assets and tasks across the entire digital marketing process.

c) Turn Content Production into Publication: Treat your content production like publication. Publish your content at a regular cadence. Also, allow your martyrs & creators to collaborate with the top-level to produce the best story & high-quality content.

3- Solving personalization requirements: Personalization can require a large volume of content. Your content must also be flexible as your personalization journey progresses. Reducing the burden on marketing teams frees up time to concentrate on projects that bring value to consumers by reducing time spent on routine activities.

You need to identify your content lifecycle & rectify the exact causes of content bottlenecks. For more expert assistance, you can in touch with Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd, the #1 Content Marketing Company in Delhi.

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