How to make amazing Social Media Carousel Ads

Sat Aug 14, 2021
How to make amazing Social Media Carousel Ads

Carousels are a great social media ad type to show off many features, engage people for longer, and test what's working and what's not if you want to promote products, tell a storey, or explain a process. People love social media content they can interact with, and a great carousel ad gives just that - an attractive call to interact and explore. If you're new to carousels or want to improve, keep these four tips in mind to increase click-through rates and brand awareness:

1- Tell a story, teach a lesson, or put on a show: 

  • Tell a Story with emotions: Our brains activate their language processing areas when we are presented facts and statistics. When we're told a narrative, though, we form emotional connections and our imaginations are activated. Because of our innate empathy, we are more inclined to be interested in what someone is selling.

Create your advertisement with the purpose of making the customer the hero. Then, if the consumer clicks, weave in something exciting or something that promises happiness, joy, or fulfilment... Also, make sure that each card connects to a landing page that fulfils the promise made in the ad.

  • Give a demonstration of how to do something: A carousel is a terrific technique to convince your audience that you know what you're talking about when a visual presentation is your strongest selling point. Carousel advertisements are useful for demonstrating a process or providing a quick, free education.

If your company offers services or content rather than actual products, you might utilise a how-to lesson carousel to entice visitors to read articles or register for a webinar or appointment. Each card in a carousel should go to a landing page that contains the information you mentioned in the ad.

For Example, Many firms utilise LinkedIn carousel advertising to entice viewers to sign up for lead forms if they want to learn more than what is featured in the ad. Card one represents insight or statistical one, card two represents insight two, and card three is a lead form signup with a teaser for insight three and beyond.

  • Highlight your greatest products or content: Carousel advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be dynamic, which is one of the most appealing features. You may put a series of product ads into Facebook and Instagram using Ad Manager, and the platform will show audiences the best-performing products or the ones that are most likely to appeal to the target audience's taste, according to behind-the-scenes technology.

Pinterest recommends using up to five cards in a carousel ad for brand exposure and performance goals like traffic and conversions. A user is brought into a branded immersive experience when they click on a card, which can include lead forms or store pages. When you're advertising on an image-heavy website like Pinterest or Instagram, you want to load as much information as possible into your ad without overwhelming the reader.

2- Make use of high-quality, consistent images:

The finest carousels work because they feel like one image, or at the very least one experience, so think about the style and timing of your artwork carefully. Facebook's design guidelines for Carousel Advertisements include a recommended picture size of 600 × 600 pixels, a 1:1 image ratio, and no more than 20% text on an image, just like static ads.

3- Keep the text short and appealing:

The text that goes with your carousel is a gift that, if used correctly, will keep audiences whizzing through your carousel. The most effective ads have very little content - the post copy is less than 20 words long, and the link title is no more than 5 words long.

4- Begin with 3 to 5 cards and monitor the results to improve:

The optimal carousel length is 3 to 5 cards (3 is the default setting). Test first if you want to do more (or less). You may also rearrange the cards in your carousel, and, as previously mentioned, Facebook and Instagram both allow you to construct dynamic carousels that highlight your best-performing cards.

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