How to Optimize your Website for Other Countries

Mon Aug 31, 2020
How to Optimize your Website for Other Countries

Have you ever thought about how to target multiple countries on Google? The answer is International SEO practices. International SEO is the technique of optimizing a website for different countries. In this blog, we will discuss some tips which help you optimize your website for other countries.

Domain Structure

Domain structure is the foremost thing that you have to take care of if you want to increase international traffic on the website. Following are the different types of structures of domains which you can follow:


ccTLD is an acronym for Country Code Top Level Domain. It is a domain used to target the audience of a specific country or region. This structure of the domain uses two-letter codes to show the search engines in which country you have targeted. Let’s see how these types of domains look like:


In the first structure of the domain, the code “us” indicates that the website is targeted to the United States. Similarly, in the second example, the code ”UK” represents the country, United Kingdom. Hence, by creating this type of URL structure, you can target a particular country. Let’s see what are the benefits of ccTLD:

  • Users and search engines can recognise easily which is the targeted country.
  • The ccTLD structure remains unaffected from Google Penguin or Google Panda updates.
  • It guarantees a good rank in the targeted country.

By using these ccTLD URL structures, you can target country specific website traffic.

Sub Domain

In a subdomain URL structure, you have to create a new website. It is a separate website that is joined with the main or principal URL. This type of URL structure has significant content indexing. The subdomain structure is easier to maintain than ccTLD. Have a look at the benefits of a subdomain:

  • A subdomain structure has a local IP address.
  • Ideal when a company launches a new product or service.
  • Provides easy tracking of results.
  • Provides an option to have distinct localhost.
  • Easy to maintain and manage.

Sub Directory

If you already have an existing domain, gTLD is the best option to target a specific country. For instance, if you have an existing website, say and you want to target the audience from the US, then you can use a gTLD structure which looks like The main benefit of this type of URL structure is you can use it with any domains like .org, .net, etc.

Translate your Page

If you are targeting different countries, the main point which you have to take into consideration is translation. Though English is a universal language, you need not forget the local languages. For example, if you are targeting France, the content written in French will get more traffic than that written in the English language. This is because French is their local language to which all the citizens of France are familiar with. You cannot rely on translation tools because the translation done by these tools is not 100% correct. Therefore, if you want to target multiple countries in SEO, you should have the knowledge of different languages.

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