Is the SEO Link Wheel Strategy Worth the Risk

Fri Jul 14, 2023
Is the SEO Link Wheel Strategy Worth the Risk

Marketers are continuously experimenting with new techniques to increase their website's placement in organic search results in the complicated area of search engine optimization. The Link Wheel is one such method, which entails building a network of related websites in order to enhance backlinks and exposure. However, before using a Link Wheel method, assessing the possible dangers and downsides is critical. As an experienced SEO Company, we will look at why establishing a Link Wheel may not be beneficial for SEO, as well as other ethical tactics for improving the visibility of your business website and search engine results.

Why Shouldn't You Make a Link Wheel?

Numerous reasons count for why you should not make a Link Wheel. Let's go through some of them:

Search Engine Standards Violation:

Search engines like Google have developed SEO regulations and standards, and Link Wheels frequently fall under Black Hat or Grey Hat SEO tactics. As search engines grow more adept at recognizing manipulative practices, these approaches may result in fines and website de-ranking.  When you choose SEO Services in Delhi, ensure that the provider is trustable, like WebPulse, which is among the best companies in Delhi. It is an award-winning company having clients worldwide.

Limited Returns:

Building and maintaining a Link Wheel takes a substantial amount of time and work, whether from internal or external sources. However, because of the possible affiliation with Black Hat SEO, the results may not be worth the time and effort invested. All the experienced SEO Agencies in Delhi consider this a not very friendly technique. Furthermore, the long-term viability of Link Wheel outcomes is debatable.

High Upkeep:

Managing a Link Wheel network takes consistent effort and attention. Ensuring link cleanliness, coordinating various properties, and constantly fearing that search engines may flag this tactic as a Black Hat technique can be time-consuming and dangerous.

Concerns about Private Blog Networks (PBNs): 

Search engines fiercely criticize PBNs, which are networks of websites controlled by the same business that operates solely for link manipulation. Although a Link Wheel might include a variety of online pages, affiliation with PBNs can result in Google and other search engines blacklisting you. Link Wheels are often related to content spinning or duplication, which occurs when the same or thin information is reproduced across several websites. Because search engines value original and valuable material, content duplication may impair SEO efforts and overall website dependability. Every reliable SEO Company in India understands that the content they upload on their precious clients’ websites is original and offers the best knowledge to their clients.

Ethical SEO Techniques Alternatives:

Instead of depending on a Link Wheel approach, try the following ethical methods for establishing a long-term online presence and improving search engine rankings:

On-page Optimisation:

Improve the performance of individual pages on your website by including relevant keywords, meta tags, headers, and structured data markup. This ensures that search engines recognize the relevance and substance of each page, improving visibility in search results. Use Topic Clusters to construct pillar content centered on big subjects and support it with relevant subtopic material in a hub and spoke format. This method enabled organic linking between content items, giving link juice to the hub and spoke while offering a consistent user experience.

Natural Link Building:

Through ethical practices, focus on creating a strong and natural backlink profile. Create quality content that connects with your target audience to enhance your chances of receiving authentic backlinks from trustworthy sites.

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