Signs that your Digital Marketing Strategy is in need of a Refresh

Fri Aug 20, 2021
Signs that your Digital Marketing Strategy is in need of a Refresh

As marketers, we devote a significant amount of time and effort to our Digital Marketing strategy. But how will we know if it is effective? The term "renovation" refers to the process of modifying or attempting new initiatives in order to achieve your business goals. Whatever the case may be, there are several indicators that it's past time to update your plan.

For Example, Sales and income are certainly more informative indicators than others. However, there are a number of additional, less obvious symptoms that your company is on the verge of failing.

  1. There are too many visitors to the site but not enough customers: When a large number of people visit your website but only a small percentage or none of them buy a product, you have a poor website conversion. This is one of the most prevalent indicators that your marketing message or product isn't reaching the proper people. Isn't it a little depressing? Yes, however there are steps you can take to mitigate the situation. In such a circumstance, you must avoid becoming discouraged and consider conversion rate optimization (CRO) initiatives. You may now use CRO to conduct an effective research to discover your site's flaws by analysing visitors' on-site reactions. What pages of your website are they abandoning? Is your product or service unclear, and your forms difficult to complete? Identify the problem and do an A/B test on a solution. 
  1. Losing Google's attention: Most website owners rely on strong search engine optimization to increase their brand's visibility. If you keep track of your SEO rankings and notice that your site's authority is dwindling, you should take the following steps:

1- Verify that all of the links on your website are functional.

2- When possible, link internal pages to each other.

3- Use a tool to determine how well each page on your site ranks for the most relevant keyword.

When your SEO isn't working, you need to put your other marketing methods on hold and fix it before it has a severe impact on your business.

  1. A responsive site's letdown: It's not uncommon for people to come to your site and then go in the blink of an eye. It makes you question why, especially because you spent so much time developing high-quality content. Compare your website's bounce rate month to month with Google Analytics. If this is the case with your site, you should consider reducing the rate at which it loads — site visitors are more likely to abandon websites that take too long to load.
  1. A decrease in new email sign-ups: A decrease in new email sign-ups indicates that consumers are interested in your product and marketing message. As a result, you'll want to keep continuously growing your email list. However, if you see that the number of email sign-ups is decreasing month after month, this indicates that your landing pages or offer isn't functioning. Examine your email sign-up ports of entry and process to resolve this issue.
  1. Unclicked content: You need to figure out why people aren't clicking on your content, engaging with it, and sharing it. If people rarely click on your material, despite the fact that you maintain publishing it on a regular basis, you may become discouraged. One of the reasons for this could be a lack of focus or eyesight. Take a close look at your material to see if it truly fulfils the demands of your audience in order to come up with a solution. You can gather clues to assist you write more relevant content if you understand your audience. We recommend that you master some successful article writing techniques. Another issue is that if your content does not appear in the search results, people will not read it since they will be unable to locate it. Even if you've generated excellent content, ranking in the search results can be challenging when you're up against big heavyweights. This relates to the second sign: if you want people to find your material and click on it, you need to use SEO efficiently.

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