Technical SEO Vs Content Marketing: Which is the Best for SEO?

Thu Sep 10, 2020
Technical SEO Vs Content Marketing: Which is the Best for SEO?

Technical SEO is the practice by which we can set up a website to help search engines understand and read the content. Technical SEO also gives visitors a great user experience (UX). The strategies that technical SEO includes backlink building, headers optimization, keyword optimization, etc.

We have learned what is technical SEO? Now, let’s see some of the important elements of technical SEO:

Page Speed

As the name implies, page speed is the total time taken by a website to load completely. Page speed is very important for users’ experience. Slow page speed is responsible for the bad user experience. This issue can be corrected by optimizing images, improving redirects, etc.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design makes a website fit to any device easily irrespective to the size of the screen. Websites with unresponsive web design load only desktop versions on any device which irritates the users.


Robots.txt is a set of instructions which tell crawlers which content they can and cannot crawl.


Every website has a site structure. These site structures are used by crawlers to crawl. If you have a proper sitemap, then it makes it easy for crawlers to crawl on your website.

What are the Benefits of Technical SEO?

Now, let’s see why is technical SEO important?

  • Technical SEO decreases the website loading time. This means by doing technical SEO, you can increase the page speed.
  • Technical SEO also examines backlinks to improve search rankings and uses internal linking structures for promoting the web pages.
  • Technical SEO makes crawling easy for crawlers.
  • A website which has strong technical SEO does not have dead links.
  • Technical SEO makes a website secure.
  • Technical SEO also provides a website XML sitemaps for easy access.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of creating high-quality web content to inform the audience. To build your brand and to increase organic traffic is the aim of content marketing. Because content marketing provides the users accurate information about any product or service, it is an important part of digital marketing.this is because people want to learn about the product or service which they are going to purchase. Talking about the content marketing strategy, there are many ways by which content marketing can be done like blogs, writing case studies, whitepapers, email newsletters, conducting webinars, etc.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of content marketing.

  • Content marketing increases the visibility of your brand.
  • It helps create brand awareness among the customers.
  • With the help of content marketing, you can develop long-lasting relationships with the audience.
  • Content marketing helps generate traffic to your website which improves lead generation.

The Verdict

In this blog, we have learnt about content marketing and technical SEO. We also have seen the advantages that these practices provide to the users. Talking about technical SEO, it helps improve page loading time, makes a website more responsive, etc. On the other hand, content marketing helps create useful content which provides accurate information to the users about a product or service. Therefore, both of these practices are important for SEO.

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