The 9 Best Email Marketing Practices For 2020

Mon Aug 24, 2020
The 9 Best Email Marketing Practices For 2020

In the times when all kinds of new and interesting marketing channels and methods are emerging, email marketing is alive and doing well in the digital age. There have been many speculations that email marketing is not effective anymore, but it’s 2020 and still, it is generating encouraging results if used smartly. If you are not able to generate expected results, then you may need to introspect your method of email marketing thoroughly.

If you are one of them who is seeking adequate ways to generate desired results through email marketing, then just have arrived at the right place. As the experts from a reputed Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, we are going to mention and elaborate some of the killer email marketing practices for 2020. 

Follow a Robust Email Marketing Methodology

First of all, you need to have a robust email marketing methodology, only then you can hope for optimum results. Here are some of the basic parameters you need to follow while doing email marketing. 

  • Determine the most important goals 
  • Building an optimized contact list 
  • Organize and segment your contacts
  • Impressive personalized email copies

Choose Email Marketing Tool That Aptly Suits Your Needs

Whether you have a small email contact list or a huge one, an email marketing tool can never be ignored. You need an effective email service provider (ESP) for an effective email marketing campaign. Although there are hundreds of options in the market, each is unique in its own way. You need to understand their features and pricing to match precisely with your needs. Choosing the right one will certainly enhance your speed and productivity.

Send Welcome Emails to Create Favourable First Impression

Sending welcome emails has become almost the norm now. It helps in making a great first impression and has never been so important. Craft an engaging email copy that tells your brand story and highlights your strengths. By including the best customer reviews, you can present yourself as a trustworthy business in the very first go. 

Use Storytelling to Create a Strong Emotional Attachment

This is one of the most effective and crucial aspects of the email content. With an engaging, interesting narrative about your business, you can create an emotional connection with your customers. More you make them feel attached to your authentic and personalized side, the more you have the chance to win their trust.

Use Social Proof to Pose Your Brand as a Trustworthy

We as humans always rely on others' experience before going for a particular deed. In today’s time, digital platforms have made it more accessible than ever. Just a few clicks or taps and a user can access hundreds of reviews and ratings regarding a product or service. No one buys anything online without checking them first. 

As an email marketer, you can use this behavioural shift in your favour by simply sharing social reviews through your emails. If you have videos of unboxing or review of your product, sharing them with email recipients is certainly going to create a strong bond of trust.

Keep Your Email Copy Short and Simple

Brevity is the need of the hour. Since modern lifestyle has made everyone habitual of quick and fast things, thus they tend to get distracted quickly. As their attention is getting short, you need to convey your message within that short amount of time. Keep your email copy short yet easy to understand. 

Use Simple and Soothing Email Design 

Make sure that you are able to convey your message in an impressive manner. Always opt for a simple and clear email layout that highlights the crucial information and conveys it to email recipients. Also, you need to be assured that your email layout is mobile-friendly.

Embed Interactive Content

66% of email marketers have reported better audience engagement by using interactive content. Embed interactive content to encourage engagement. Such content provides real value to your email recipients. They feel that they are getting something from their efforts, instead of hitting a dead end with no response from the other side. 

Assess Your Email List Clean and Up-to-Date

You need to keep your email list clean and up-to-date. With time user behaviour changes and also new users come into the play. Also, you may come across such email addresses that haven’t been opened for more than six months. You need to anticipate these scenarios by assessing your email list on a regular basis. 

You can’t afford to put your valuable efforts and time on stale and inactive emails. Those email addresses are not beneficial for your email marketing campaign anyway. Furthermore, they are making your campaign metrics inaccurate. Keep your list clean so that you can also get more time to who are genuinely engaged with you and your brand.

You can follow each of the above-mentioned tips for Email Marketing in a methodical manner to achieve desired goals or you can simply hire experts who can deliver incredible results. Consult and hire experts from Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd, a renowned Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to drive your business ahead on the path of success.

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