Tue Jun 22, 2021

While we are in new waters in terms of marketing, or just business in general, for our time. While it is acceptable to the market, we recommend that you market your brand rather than halt during these uncertain times. All of this necessitates a different level of attention to both your message and your clients' needs.

Your Emails May Need Rewriting: Many businesses create their marketing emails weeks, if not months, ahead of time and then schedule them using their CRM. While this is a good technique to ensure that ads are going even when inventiveness is waning. It's possible that the emails you sent in February aren't the proper message for you right now. Reviewing your planned communications to ensure they are sympathetic to the period we are now enduring is an excellent habit.

Instead of selling, use social media to spread information: Advertising dollars should be spent on social media marketing in the same way that they are for other types of marketing. In fact, while the bonuses from Google and Facebook are still available, you might want to consider boosting them. It's probable that your message needs to be tweaked. Many folks have delayed or perhaps stopped spending right now. Instead of advertising for sales, this is the moment to market for growth. By giving additional value through your marketing, you can grow your list.

Market Value for Future Sales: People are fearful, and they have no idea how the economy will fare tomorrow. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are battling to stay afloat. Another sales pitch is the last thing they need or want. You will be remembered if you have the ability to think beyond tomorrow and provide greater value today for free. They'll remember the person who showed empathy and was eager to share their information in moments of uncertainty. If you're continually trying to persuade folks to buy during your "Coronavirus Sale," you're probably losing more clients than you're gaining.

It's not about you, and it's never been about you: People want to know that the companies to whom they entrust their hard-earned cash care about them. People prefer to develop a relationship with the local businesses they support, to repeat. As a result, your messaging must represent your target audience. Let them know if you'll be offering alternative hours, better prices, or additional services during this period. People will be more interested in hearing about how you wash your hands, clean up after your customers, and stockpile toilet paper than they will in hearing about how you wash your hands, clean up after your customers, and have stockpiles of toilet paper. People assume you already do all of these things on a regular basis, and they don't want to read about it in your email or on your website.

Ensure that your company can be found: The way we've all done business in the past has most certainly altered permanently, or at least in part. The new normal will be distinct from the way small and medium-sized firms operate. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, many people recognised they needed a way to be found. Because they didn't have a website, many businesses relied only on social media to spread their message. Unfortunately, everyone did this, and their message was likely muffled, if not completely censored. Having a website, even if it's just a simple brochure site, is now essential. Not only when everyone is online, but also when we get back to our old routines.

Now is the time to get ready for tomorrow's onslaught (Extra Tip): You must be prepared for the surge whenever there is a crisis that impacts our economy, especially one as robust as ours was before it all began. People are tenacious. They'll be eager to expand their company and make up for lost time and revenue. One approach to get your business ready for the surge now is to make sure that your message, as well as your SEO, your brand, and your storey, all resonate and have a long-term impact. While we are in this "stay at home" attitude for the time being, businesses must be thinking about long-term marketing goals and strategies.

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