Types of Facebook Ads and Formats

Mon Aug 16, 2021
Types of Facebook Ads and Formats

1- Image Ads: Simple image ads are an excellent way to get started with Facebook paid advertising. You may create one in just a few clicks by boosting an existing post with an image from your Facebook Page. When it comes to image marketing, simple does not have to mean boring.

2- Video Ads: Video advertising can show as in-stream commercials in longer Facebook videos, or they can run in the News Feed and Stories. Video advertising allows you to see your team or product in action.

3- Poll ads: This mobile-only Facebook ad format adds an interactive element to an image or video ad by including a two-option poll. You can use a distinct link for each poll option. Both you and those who answer will be able to see the overall number of responses to each poll choice.

4- Carousel ads: A carousel ad showcases your product or service using up to ten images or videos. You can use this format to emphasise distinct features of a single product, multiple products, or even combine all of the photographs into one enormous panorama image.

For each image or video, a different link can be generated. Each "Shop Now" button in the ad below takes you to the sales page for the plant in the accompanying photograph.

5- Slideshow ads: Slideshow advertisements are a simple way to make short video advertising out of a collection of still photographs, text, or existing video clips. Ads in slideshows have the same eye-catching motion as movies, but they use five times the amount of data. As a result, even on slow internet connections, they load rapidly. They're a low-cost, low-impact technique to get people's attention.

6- Collection ads: These Facebook Sponsored Ads are only available on mobile devices and allow you to display five photos or videos that buyers can click to purchase a product or service. People can buy your things without ever leaving Facebook because of collection advertisements and Instant Experiences (more on them below). This makes online shopping convenient for people on the road.

7- Instant Experience ads: Instant Experience commercials were previously referred to as Canvas ads. They're a full-screen ad type that loads 15 times faster than a non-Facebook mobile page.

8- Lead ads: Lead advertisements are only available on mobile devices. This is because they're designed to make it easy for people to provide you with contact information without having to enter a lot. They're great for collecting email signups, registering people for a product trial, and allowing consumers to request further information from you. 

9- Dynamic ads: Dynamic ads allow you to promote specific products to clients who are most likely to be interested. Let's imagine someone went to your website's product page or added a product to their shopping cart, but subsequently abandoned the purchase. You can use dynamic adverts to advertise that specific product on their Facebook stream.

10- Messenger ads: Facebook Messenger advertising provides you access to the 1.3 billion people who use Messenger on a monthly basis. When creating your ad, simply choose Messenger as the preferred placement. Selecting the Facebook feed option is also required.

11- Stories ads: Mobile phones are designed to be handled in a vertical position. Stories ads are a full-screen vertical video format for mobile devices that lets you to optimise screen real estate without requiring consumers to flip their devices.

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