UX Tips to Improve User Experience for Maximum Conversion

Tue Aug 11, 2020
UX Tips to Improve User Experience for Maximum Conversion

User experience plays a significant role in increasing the traffic of a website. If a user visits your website, the type of experience he has will decide whether he wants to be engaged in your website or not. Good user experience will increase the authority of your website, while on the other hand, a bad user experience decreases the site authority.

In this blog, we will discuss the solution of the most commonly asked question, “How to Improve UX of a Website.”

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design

You should make the design of your website responsive and mobile-friendly. A responsive website means the website which fits automatically to the screen size of the device of the user. Responsive website design is one of the most important factors to make a website mobile-friendly. If your website is mobile-friendly, you will get more traffic. This is because most people use smartphones to surf on the internet. There are many responsive web design testing tools online which you can use to test the user experience.

Page Loading Time

Page loading time is one of the crucial factors for user experience. Users do not have much patience, therefore, if your website takes more time to load, users will leave your website. The reason for this is the huge availability of content on the internet. Hence, you should not take this factor lightly. Moreover, the page loading time is inversely proportional to the SEO rating. In simple words, if a website takes more time to load, its SEO rating will decrease. Several factors affect the loading time of the website like image size, themes, etc. For improving user experience and conversions, you should consider the page loading time as well.

Therefore it is recommended to take web design services from the best web design company.

Website Security

While shopping online, would you like to make transactions via untrusted payment gateways? Obviously not. If you have an eCommerce website, you should make all the transactions of your users safe and secure. Website security plays an important role in making safe payments. If a website has SSL certification, it is safe for all transactions. If you want to increase user experience, you should purchase an SSL certificate for your website.


Bullet points are a great way to express the information. This is because they provide quick access to the information. The information expressed in bullet points is always easy to read and time-saving. Let’s take an example. You are surfing on the internet for a particular product and came across two websites, of which one website has lengthy product descriptions and another website has listed all the features of the product in points. Which website would you prefer to purchase the product? Obviously the latter one. This is because if a user is surfing on the internet to purchase a product, he does not have much time to read lengthy product descriptions and in this case, the latter website displays all the information in points which saves the time of the user.

Knowing the art of content writing will be an added advantage. But if you do not know content writing, you can take content writing services from any digital marketing companies.

Add a Custom Search Feature

Popular websites have a custom search feature. This enables users to search for the content they want on the website. If your website does not have a search facility, users who visit your website have to search for the relevant content manually. This will frustrate them, as a result of which they will lose interest in your website. To add this feature to your website, you should talk to your web developer and make sure that the feature will work effectively.

The Bottom Line

Good user experience not only increases the SEO rating but also boosts the site authority. Also, if your website provides a good experience to the users, it will start getting more traffic soon. In this blog, we have shared some tips, following which you can enhance the UX of your website.

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