What are the Benefits of Custom Website Design?

Fri Aug 21, 2020
What are the Benefits of Custom Website Design?

A custom website design benefits your business in many ways. According to a study, about 94% of the visitors reject a website only due to its design. Some of the reasons that the users shared regarding the website design include:

  • The design of the website is boring.
  • The website lacks impressive colours.
  • The website takes more time to load.
  • The interface of the website is complex or not user friendly.
  • The fonts used on websites are hard to read.

The custom website development helps you design a website as per the users’ interest. There are many advantages of custom built websites. After reading this blog, you will come to know what the benefits of custom website are.

A Custom Website Design Enhances Users’ Experience

Whatever the design of a website is, the ultimate goal is to attract maximum customers to increase the website traffic. Users stay for a long time on the websites having a user-friendly design or interface. As we know that the users stay time is directly proportional to the SEO rating. The more the users stay on a website, the more will be its SEO score. Today, about 90% of the users surf on the internet by using their mobile phones. This is a very important point to take care of. A customised website fits on any device regardless of the screen size like mobile phones, tablets, etc. This is what mobile optimization is.

If you do not optimize your website, then either you have to design a separate website for different mobile phones or have to use the desktop version on all devices. But the desktop version is not friendly on mobile phones as the users require to zoom in or out again and again. This frustrates the users and they lose interest in your website, which in turns decreases the traffic on your website.

Hence, custom website design plays an important role in enhancing the users’ experience. You can also hire a website developer or a website development company to create an impressive design of your website.

A Custom Website is Optimized for Search

The websites depend more on organic traffic which comes from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. In order to reach a maximum number of customers, the companies today are practising SEO techniques. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of ranking a web page on a particular keyword or phrase that the user searches on the internet. If any page of your site ranks on the keywords searched by the users, you will start getting more organic traffic.

Content is an important part of SEO. The custom website development helps you make sure whether your content is well organised for certain keywords or phrases or not. The design elements like images, videos, etc. also impact SEO. The custom website design option lets you optimize these media with specific keywords that help your web page rank higher and get more organic traffic. To attract more customers, you can take SEO services from a renowned digital marketing company.

A Custom Website Design Helps You Boost Your Brand

Every business has a unique brand. The custom website design helps you show your brand through the design and style of your website. With the help of custom web design features, you can showcase your brand on every page. Well-organised content and images can also help you represent your brand.

Your brand is expressed in your logo, colours, font, and the overall design choices and style. These are the brand representations. Your developers can better express these brand representations. Colour can raise your brand recognition by 80%. Besides this, images are also other design elements essential for your website. About 40% of visitors leave a web page if the images on that do not load or take much time to load.

Enhanced Security

Users’ security is an important factor which you should take care of while designing a website. Due to security breaches, customers look for HTTPS protocol instead of the HTTP protocol. The websites having SSL certificates get HTTPS protocol. Users can easily recognise it by viewing the lock symbol on the left side of the search bar. Also, Google warns users if the website is not secure. Besides this, Google gives priority to the HTTPS websites to HTTP websites.

The custom website development helps you make your website safe for users.

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