What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

Tue Sep 08, 2020
What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

A bounce is a single-page session. A bounce on a website occurs when a user lands on a particular page of a website and exits without triggering another request to the server of Google Analytics. Here, another request means navigating to other pages of the same website or clicking on the links which generate sales on that website. In simple words, a bounce happens when a user lands on a particular page of a website and leaves from that page without visiting another page of the website. The bounce rate is the percentage of the number of people who visit a website and leaves it after viewing only one page.

For example, if a user visits a website and leaves the website without clicking any of the internal links on the website, it is said that he bounced from the website.

Calculation of Calculation for a Website and its Pages

Above, we understood the bounce rate meaning. Now, let’s discuss how a bounce rate of a website is calculated. Following is the bounce rate formula:

Bounce Rate = Number of single page sessions/Number of total sessions on the site

Now, let’s take an example. Consider 100 users enter on your website and 5 out of them exit the website without triggering another request. Here, the total number of sessions is 100 and the single page sessions are 5, hence, the bounce rate is calculated as:

Bounce Rate = Number of single page sessions/Number of total sessions on the site = 5/100 = 0.05 or 5%.

Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate Google Analytics

Both bounce rate and exit rate report on where and when users leave your website. The difference between these two rates is that the bounce rate is only reported when single page sessions occur. This can be easily understood with the help of an example. Let’s take an example of an eCommerce website. If a visitor lands on an eCommerce website and leaves it without searching for other products, the bounce rate occurs.

Steps to Reduce Bounce Rate

Now, let’s see how to reduce bounce rate.

Optimize Page Loading Time

A page loading time affects the bounce rate of a website. This is because if a user lands on a website and the website takes too much time to load, due to which he leaves it. This generates a bounce by that user. Hence, if the page load time is not optimized or lowered, every user who visits your website leaves it immediately. As the number of users increases in this case, the bounce rate of the website also increases.

Optimize for Mobile

Website optimization plays an important role in decreasing the bounce rate. Website optimization means creating a website that fits easily to every device irrespective of its screen size. If a website is not mobile-friendly, it shows the desktop version on the mobile. Due to this, the user has to zoom in or zoom out multiple times. This irritates the users and they leave the website which in turn increases the bounce rate.

Say No to Excess of Ads

Ads generate revenue but too many ads are not good for your website, as placing too many ads irritates the users due to which the bounce rate increases. Also, an excess of ads may hide the content. Try to place limited ads on your website.

Closing Words

What we have learned in this blog:

  • What is the bounce rate in google analytics?
  • Bounce rate calculation
  • How to reduce bounce rate

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