What is Mobile-First Indexing and How to Attain its Benefits

Tue Jun 16, 2020
What is Mobile-First Indexing and How to Attain its Benefits

As we can easily observe, smartphone penetration is constantly increasing among people with each passing day. Most of their activities, especially, internet-oriented activities are heavily shifting on the mobiles from PC and laptops. Search engine giant Google is also embracing that trend by accommodating mobile-first indexing.

As a reputed SEO and Website Designing services provider in Delhi, we find it compelling to tell you the benefits of mobile-first indexing and how to attain those benefits. If you have a business website, you can’t miss grasping this opportunity. You need to understand the idea about what is mobile-first indexing and what modifications can be done on a website to gain traffic.

Percentage of mobile device traffic worldwide:


Why Mobile-First Indexing is Important

Mobile-first indexing by Google is done to make the search engine more mobile-friendly. Till some time ago, Google was used to emphasize the desktop version of the respective website while determining their relevance to the users and hence, the rankings. Lately, more users have started using Google through their mobile phones, and that change in user behaviour has made Google more conscious about the mobile version of the websites. In order to make the search engine more mobile-oriented, Google introduced mobile-first indexing. 

What Happens in Mobile-First Indexing

Any website to open on mobiles needs some technical and layout adaptation for the best view. An incredible website on PC may not be appearing much impressive and user-friendly on the smartphones. Due to mobile-first indexing, Google Bots crawl and index smartphone-friendly pages on a priority basis. Thus, mobile-friendly websites perform better while other websites which are not mobile-friendly may observe undesirable effects on their ranking. 

Since July 2019, Google has started to implement mobile-first indexing methods on every new website. Existing websites started to get notifications in the Search console when the respective website ranking affected due to these changes. Google keeps modifying the mobile-first indexing methods for ensuring the best user-experience to the search engine users. 

To check whether your website is mobile-friendly click here PageSpeed Insights.

How to Improve Rankings with Mobile-First Indexing

First of all, you need to ensure that your website is as robust and aesthetic as in it’s the desktop version. This is the most important aspect of mobile-first indexing and with that, you can consider half the job done. But along with this, you need to keep some other things in mind. Let us have a quick look at some of such tips accumulated by the experts at a reputed Website Designing Company in Delhi. Make sure the website speed and load time are prompt for mobile-version as well as the desktop version of your website. 

Content Accessibility: Mobile version, as well as the desktop version of any website, need to have the easily accessible same content. We recommend using the same meta robot tags and no quality degradation in the textual and graphical components of the content.

Verify Search Console: Most website owners verify the desktop version of their website in Google Search Console but leave mobile versions. It is important to verify the website’s mobile version to gain benefits from mobile-first indexing. 

Well-Structured Data: We recommend using the same structured data for both, desktop and mobile versions. Also, update the URLs for the mobile-oriented website.

Metadata and Social metadata: It is good to use the same metadata and descriptive title for both versions. And Social metadata should also be included in the mobile version also.

Media Sitemaps and XML: As a website owner, you need to make sure that the links to sitemaps are accessible for the website visitors for the mobile versions of the website also.

Hreflang annotations: Being a website owner, when you put rel=hreflang for internalization, you must not forget to ensure that mobile URL’s hreflang annotations are too directed to mobile versions according to the language or the country. Meanwhile, just make sure that the desktop URLs are pointing to the respective variations of the desktop version.

There are many more such tips and tricks that may be applicable for your website to gain the maximum benefits of the mobile-first indexing. You can ensure following all such requirements for your website simply by hiring the website experts from Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd., a well-known Website Designing Services Provider in Delhi. Let us improve the rankings of your website while attaining the maximum benefits of Mobile-First Indexing methods. 

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