Why is eCommerce booming significantly?

Tue Oct 13, 2020
Why is eCommerce booming significantly?

E-Commerce is a huge platform which is growing at an unprecedented rate worldwide. People from different demographic sections whether they are young millennials, or old-age citizens or working women, they all love and prefer to shop from different online stores. It provides more comfort and happiness than shopping from physical stores. 

eCommerce is Going to Remain Promising During Upcoming Years 

As the experts from a reputed website designing company in Delhi, we have anticipated that the growth of the e-commerce industry will keep increasing like never before. With the virtue of all the current technologies, it has become very easy to find anything on e-Commerce stores and the customers buying it immediately. 

Such benefits have made a lot of websites and apps to focus on e-commerce. The rate of online shopping is overwhelming and still increasing beyond measure rate. As per a survey, it has been estimated that e-commerce sales ratio from 2014 to 2020 will be a hike of around 200%. Refer to the below graph:


Major Reasons for Such an Incredible Growth of eCommerce

In this blog, we’ll share and explore all the major reasons due to which eCommerce is growing at such an incredible rate. We have gained these insights while making and delivering various eCommerce website development projects in India to our esteemed clients. Refer the following points for further information. 

Tailored experiences: eCommerce sites now rely on huge user data for providing a bespoke customer experience. Instead of simply recommending a similar product when you buy something online, online customers are now getting a plethora of recommendations as relevant products tailored to their preferences, purchase history and unique style. Whether it is fashion, electronics, furniture, apparels or even food products, more personalised targeting is happening through eCommerce websites now.

Get a plethora of choices: As humans, more choices we have, more we feel empowered and the same thing applies to us while being a customer. Every shopper wants to have many options on different parameters such as colour, size, style or specifications. eCommerce website is capable of showcasing much more options than a simple brick and mortar store. This capability gives a further advantage to eCommerce websites. 

Social media integration: Social media now plays a huge role in modern life. Since more people are increasingly turning to their phones to seek solutions for their everyday needs, social media is creating a great influence on their eCommerce related behaviour. 

As per a survey by Facebook, 81% of surveyed people admitted that Instagram helped them research products or services. 83% said it helped them to find new products or services. Also, 80% of them felt being assisted for making a solid choice for a particular purchase.

User-friendly experience: One of the major reasons for the eCommerce boom is the user-friendly approach to everyday tasks. Whether you need clothing items, vegetables or even medicines, eCommerce websites are making things easier and customer-friendly. You don’t have to travel in crowded public vehicles to visit the store, just sit back to explore and order the products you need and wait for delivery while relaxing.

Accessibility and flexibility: Whether you are at home or office or travelling somewhere, you can easily access eCommerce websites and execute your orders with ease. Also, you get to have tremendous flexibility regarding time while dealing with eCommerce websites. As you can order at 2 PM or 11 PM, you don’t have to significantly adjust with your schedule for online shopping.

Be Smart and Avail These Benefits for Your Business

Avail these benefits and take your business to new heights of success. Since the eCommerce industry is certainly going to be bigger in upcoming days, this is the perfect time to make smart decisions. Get prepared with a robust eCommerce website and gain an extra edge over your competitors. Consult experts at Webpulse Solution now to get the best eCommerce website designing services available in India.

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