Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Fri Aug 07, 2020
Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Responsive web design is one of the hottest topics today. If you have a website or you are a web developer, you are friendly with this term. But still many of us do not know what does responsive design mean? We will explain it in very simple words. Responsive web design means making websites adapt to the size of the screen of users’ devices.

In this blog, we will see the benefits of responsive web design. We will also take responsive web design examples in order to make you understand things better. 

Google Loves It

Google is the largest search engine. It holds about 75% of the search market share. A responsive web design adheres the standards of content quality and clean link structure of Google. Sites that use a responsive web design serve the same set of URLs on all devices with each URL having the same HTML. This makes it easier for Google to index, crawl, and organize the content on the website.

Why does Google recommend a responsive web design? This is because a single URL makes it easier for users to share the content. Also, users do not like to be redirected because website redirection reduces loading time.

Enhanced User Experience

One of the most important advantages of responsive web design is the enhanced user experience. A responsive website is flexible to adapt to any device and screen size. Therefore, it adjusts automatically to any screen size. Let’s understand it with the help of an example. You visit a website, the interface of which is not user friendly. Due to this, you have to zoom-in and zoom-out the page on your mobile to read the content. Would you like to stay on such a website? Obviously not. The same thing happens to all other users. Users are impatient because they know that the same content is available on many websites. Therefore, if they find your website user-unfriendly, they will leave your website and search for other websites for the same content. This will give your competitor an advantage to attract your customers.

Therefore, if you want users to stay at your website for a long time, you should make the design of your website responsive.

Search Engine Friendly

In April 2015, Google announced officially that a responsive web design would affect the search rankings on mobile devices. From August 2015, Google has started implementing it. This is because Google primarily focuses on the users’ experience. As explained previously, a responsive website is adapted to be fit on any device irrespective to the size of the screen. Let’s take an example here. If you do not opt for responsive website development, you have to create separate versions of the same website for different devices. Consider, you have a website on which you post a blog daily. To enhance the user experience, instead of making it responsive, you have designed different versions for different devices, like mobile, tablets, etc. Posting the same blog on all these versions will lead to content duplicity or plagiarism. Due to this, Google may penalize your website. Since a responsive web design uses the same URL, there is no chance of content duplication. This is the importance of responsive web design.

Improved SEO

All of you are aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the importance of SEO for websites. If a website has a responsive design, it not only makes it easier for the search bots to crawl but also reduces the chance of on-page SEO errors. The loading time of a page is also an important factor that affects the quality of SEO. A responsive website should have less loading time. How the page load time affects SEO, let’s see. Put yourself in the place of a user. You are searching for some services on the internet, say digital marketing services. You landed on a website that commits to be one of the best digital marketing services providers. But the website takes a long time to load. Would you like to stay at the website or like to take services from it? Obviously not. If a website is taking more time to load, then how can it claim to be the best digital marketing services providers. According to Google, the longer the users stay on a website, the greater the quality of its SEO is. There are many website testing tools available online by which you can check the speed of your website. If your website has a good quality SEO rating, it will rank on the first page of Google easily, which will automatically boost your business by increasing the organic traffic.

On-The-Go Access

People like to read blogs, news, and articles on the way. Obviously, they do not like to carry their laptop with them. If you do not design a responsive website, you will lose your users.

The Verdict

In this blog, we have learnt about the importance of responsive web design. We have also seen how a responsive website helps you boost your business; and how an unresponsive website may cost you more. If you want to gain more organic traffic from Google, you should opt for a responsive website design.

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