SEO myths that you shouldn’t carry forward in 2021

Wed Dec 23, 2020
SEO myths that you shouldn’t carry forward in 2021

Many myths are innocuous. It takes almost seven months for Gum to ingest. The Sharks don’t have cancer. A thunderbolt never occurs repeatedly at almost the same spot. So we can not say the same for most of the SEO theories. They're slightly deceptive at best. At the very worst, they lead you to lose valuable time, capital, and energy on items that would never enhance SEO.

Let's bust out a couple of famous SEO myths and facts here.

1. SEO has died 

This one could be more straight-forward speculation than just a myth, but it's still good enough to put to rest. Sloppy reporting likes to declare several things dead occasionally, and SEO is no exception. Since June 2016, this term has been uttered 3,367 times, as per Ahrefs' Content Explorer, 66 times per month. The reality would be that SEO will not be dead until search engines will exist, and produce organic outcomes in which you can affect in any way.

2. SEO is a one-time operation

SEO is pretty much like exercising regularly. It's all right to skip an exercise now and then, but if you sit at home consuming snacks too much, things quickly begin to fall apart. 

3. Google ranks 'new' content only 

We do republish articles, and this is something we do a lot, isn't it true.

Why do we have to give so much time, if fresh content is a myth, keeping our content fresh?

Basically, fresh content is a query-dependent ranking part. For certain questions, that indicates it counts more than most. It all relies on how much the data's freshness would bear on the content's performance.

4. It is simpler to rank for long-tail keywords 

People assume that several terms contain long-tail keywords, but it is not the complete truth. Inquiries with relatively low target keywords are long-tail keywords. It does not influence the number of lines.

5. Duplicate material is going to get you penalized

Duplicate content is where there is more than one location where exact or approximately duplicate content happens. It could be on or around several pages on a similar website.

On several occasions, Google has stated that there is no duplicate material penalty, but this misconception is still hawked daily to oblivion.

6. Social Networks Promote Rankings

It's not far fetched to think that the more the websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. shares your material, the more it can rank. Simply put, it needs to be essential, entertaining and deserving of a ranking if loads of people share anything, right? 

Maybe, but social signals don't explicitly affect rankings, according to Google's John Mueller.

7. PPC does not assist you to rank on top 

Well, to be true: paying Google for advertising would not directly impact the rankings. Since you're protecting their own interests, Google isn't going to rate you higher. 

That doesn't say that PPC can't end up helping you to rank on top. But, it's because it can draw new backlinks via PPC advertising.

So these were some of the SEO myths busted by an ex-Googler. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best SEO companies in Delhi, contacting Webpulse Solution Pvt. Ltd will be a good idea. We are here to assist you with the best SEO tactics to help you rank on top.

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